Ice Cream For Breakfast

I’m working through a bit of the back-log here since I made this batch of Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream during raspberry season, but it was tasty enough to warrant special attention. And maybe a gold star sticker, too.

Riddle me this: if Entenmann’s Raspberry Danish is an accepted breakfast pastry-type indulgence, is an ice cream that tastes exactly like that danish also an acceptable breakfast?



The answer is yes. And I know this because I conceived of this very ice cream, made it… and then had a scoop for breakfast. :)

Imitating the Raspberry Danish that was my personal kryptonite as a wee lass happened quite by accident (as, I think we can agree, all great innovations do). In dreaming up a tasty way to use the raspberries I picked at a local farm, I thought first of a tart raspberry swirl in sweet cream, and not of the rich cheesecake-y flavor it would become.

Indeed, one of my favorite parts of making ice cream is how a flavor can evolve as I go along. In this case, I made the snap judgement to increase the cream cheese content in my normal base, which ended up creating the perfect tang to the raspberry swirl. Of course, I should also clarify that ice cream making is not a game of surprise reveals. Once a batch is ready to churn, try sampling the mixture; consistency and add-ins aside, this is what your ice cream base will taste like.

homemade ice cream

While there’s a precise science behind working with dairy, I enjoy a more casual approach to ice creamery. Since I have no customers to please, no critics to wow, I’m free to experiment with proportions to figure out what combinations work best for each flavor! Through my… exhaustive research, I’ve found that consistency is first priority; I can miss the target flavor, but with the right consistency, I’ll be a lot less critical.

I mean, if the batch is a stinker, I’m not going to recommend it here—perhaps I’ll even warn against it if it’s a danger to the public—but.. it’s not going to go to waste, either. A girl’s gotta eat!

Plus my Blood Ice Cream Levels can’t dip below 0.12 or I could go into shock. O__O
It’s science.

Recipe Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

A quick note on this recipe: Using pureed fruit in an ice cream flavor can be tricky, so the most important step to remember is the reduction. I’ve made batches with fresh purees that I did not boil and they always came out icy and thin. It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that it was the excess water content creating more ice crystals. Yeah, seems obvious now, right? By evaporating some of that water, your puree will resemble a jam—which is precisely what I like! If you prefer a thinner swirl in the vein of Friendly’s Fudge Swirl, you’ll need to use a fruit liqueur to keep it from freezing.

homemade ice cream, raspberry swirl


Hello! I do, in fact, still exist.

The silence is broken!

one eternity

I have no better excuse for my hiatus than that the combination of post-grad unemployment and the lingering Massachusetts winter meant my beloved churner saw very few batches of ice cream. When I began to hear back from employers this summer, things got reallybusyrealfast; now for a difference reason, the cobwebs on my ice cream maker were left undisturbed.

sad ice cream maker

All this is beyond the fact that I have so much ice cream-related news to share with, like, those three of you out there that read my blog.

SB Gang

But for those lucky three—oh, those luckiest of souls—such wondrous things await; I’m talking recipes, reviews, and product recommendations of the awesome new additions to my arsenal of ice cream churning equipment. Diligent readers, I have only just revealed the tip of the iceberg.


So it is with a brand new design—replete with pages for my writing and crafting portfolios which you are encouraged to peruse—that I resume my role as The Creamarian, the ice cream blogger, chef, critic, and all-around dairy goddess. And I must admit… I’m glad to be back. :)


So there is such a thing as free ice cream…

Ice cream lovers, rejoice! Today is that most magical day when Ben & Jerry’s shops around the world dole out free scoops of ice cream.

Now, I know what you may be thinking: one scoop could never be enough. So what you’re gonna need is a couple disguises so you can get back in line and get your fill.


Trust me; they’ll never even know…

Hello? Is this thing still on?

Officially out of my winter hibernation, I am brimming with ideas for new flavors to make this year. Unfortunately, my weekend laziness has left me without a new batch that’d knock your socks off; you’ll… just have to wait a little longer for that one. :)

But in honor of tonight’s season premiere, and with the brainstorming help of my wordplay wizard of a brother, I’d like to share a sweet list of flavors inspired by Game of Thrones.

What do you think? Any flavors you’d add? Making them all would probably last me through the entire fourth season!! :)

Check back for Sundae Sundays featuring some GoT flavors!

art print by Mike Wrobel

art print by Mike Wrobel

Two Scoops, One Cup

Peanut butter and jelly… Spaghetti and meatballs…


image via

Sometimes a flavor pairing is too enticing to pass up for the sake of caloric self-restraint.

… Or maybe you just can’t decide between the two you’re eyeing. Whatever, we’ve all been there. That’s when you go for the combo. They do say that two is better than one, after all. :)

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I Give Thanks For Ice Cream

With Turkey Day looming, I find myself daydreaming of the most deliciously, delicious seasonal treats—of which ice cream forms an integral part, either on its own or as the indispensable sidekick.

For me, the mere mention of autumnal flavors evokes, before anything else, the seductive imagery of a fresh apple pie. And as we all know, a slice of apple pie without ice cream is… well, it’s naked. While savoring a slice on its own is far from a chore, its flavor can only be enhanced when served alongside a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. As is the case with pumpkin pie. Or blueberry pie. Or any cobbler. Or tart. Or cake. Or crumble. Or crisp. Or almost anything else, ever.

And though I have experimented in cake-making, tried my hand at baking cobblers, and dabbled in crumblery, it is ice cream, as I’ve likely made abundantly clear, that is my uncontested specialty. So, when the urge comes to enjoy one of my favorite fall desserts, I can think of no better way to realize that craving than in the form of ice cream. Hence, Apple Pie Ice Cream.

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HAH!—you thought this was seasonal. Ice cream knows no season.

With temperatures steadily dropping and the leaves turning vibrant and polychromatic here at the ol’ Ford Ham, it brings me immense joy to see that scarf season is now underway (and mitten season surely soon to follow!).

image via Ross Rambles at

Now, logical humans may think that cold weather negates the appeal of cold treats. Logical humans may think of ice cream as a seasonal dessert, restricted to warm-weathered months. And those same logical humans would be wrong.

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What does Spongebob and Ice Cream Have in Common?

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I’m Just Here For the Gelato…. And Maybe The Anderson Cooper

Today I’m handing over The Creamarian reins to guest poster Laura of animate this. Next week, armed with a fresh batch and a fresh post, “I’ll be back.” Ignore me. I’ll see myself out.

Gelato is the Italian word for “ice cream,” but the two desserts are far from synonymous.

image via

Compared to regular ice cream with which many of us our familiar, real gelato has a less-fatty base and has less air churned in. It is churned at a much slower speed, served warmer, and is milk-based, while American-style ice cream is cream-based and has a larger percentage of butter-fat. In layman’s terms, authentic gelato is denser, milkier, and richer in flavor. And, unless you’ve stopped at Cones on Bleecker Street, you haven’t tasted real gelato until you visit its country of origin: Italy.

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It’s the Ugly Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Struck with fall fever, I had this idea about a week ago—and I thought it brilliant—that I would make pumpkin ice cream and use some spare Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate I had lying around to cut a little Jack-O-Lantern face and stick it on a scoop. Simple! I thought, I’ll finish in 20 minutes, tops! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, not so much.

Allow me to introduce you to The Ugly Pumpkin:

I’ll never try to sculpt anything out of chocolate again.

I wish I could say that a decoration mishap was my only frustration with this batch… the one I decided to begin at 12:30 AM the night before I have 3 classes in a row. No, it was on this very night, my friends, Hallow’s Eve Eve, that I was truly tested as I waged WAR—one that nearly proved futile—against an evil can of pumpkin puree that refused to be opened.


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I just have a lot of feelings

Unless you’ve been living here, I feel confident assuming that you’re familiar with the celebrated ice cream company, Ben & Jerry’s…

LOGO… which means that you also know that nothing says eating-your-feelings like scooping straight from a pint of Half Baked. (hey—no judgement. OWN. IT.)

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The Scoop: Ample Hills Creamery

When choosing the first ice cream establishment to profile here at CATC, my brain went straight to Ample Hills because, quite frankly, this place is the cat’s pajamas. 

And, to be even more frank, I’m only telling you about it because the secret’s already out, so I can’t even remotely pretend to call it my hidden treasure. Just the line of people waiting behind the counter can tell you that I’m not the only one for whom this place glows like a beacon of hope in a dark and dreary world. …No? It’s just me who ascribes Ample Hills Creamery with a near-religious significance? Alright then.

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Holy Scheiße.

To say I need this as part of my life is a pretty big understatement.

It’s a German beanbag chair called a “Sitzsack.” Unfortunately they no longer offer the ice cream cone shaped chair… Yeah, I checked.

image from

155 Euros? Bargain.

The Most Important Philosophical Mediation of Our Time

Hello… my name is Allie and… I am a cup person. Queue collective gasp.

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Banana Ice Cream… and Why I’m Hoarding it in my Freezer

This past week my churner has seen many batches of ice cream, and all of one delectable flavor: Banana.

And not of only one variety. Ohhhh, no—I made Banana Cream, Banana Cinnamon, Spiced Banana, and Banana with Dark Chocolate Truffles. Needless to say, I have gone through a lot of bananas… but it was worth it. Have you ever tried a really good banana pudding, one that’s rich in flavor and perfectly chilled? Oh, you have? Well, my Spiced Banana ice cream figuratively blows that pudding out of the metaphorical water. You’re welcome for me bringing it into existence.

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Vanilla? More Like Van-HELL-YEAH.

Every artist begins with a blank canvas–and most dessert enthusiasts, I think, would consider a plain vanilla to be an ice cream maker’s canvas.

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Welcome, My Pupils, to the Lactic Arts

To preface my future posts, i would like to offer my readers (hi, Mom) some foundational information about making ice cream, and the particular way I’ll be making it.

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I am The Creamarian.

I’ll admit it. Dessert has always been my favorite meal.

Born in Hershey, PA, I came into the world smelling chocolate. One of my first words was “cookie.” It will live on into legend how I, speaking not yet in full sentences, made an earnest and desperate plea to my older brother: “DOUGHNUT. GRAB IT.”

You get it, dessert before dinner is my game. Or sometimes dessert instead of dinner. I don’t know, I play it fast and loose. A culinary rogue, some might say.

But my greatest love of all is ice cream; I make it, I eat it, I live it. And with this blog, you get to watch it all—maybe in horror, maybe in fear, maybe with shared enjoyment. Hopefully it’s that last one.